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Blue Roses Music and Dance Club has been running since January 2007.  June had always wanted to set up and run her own club , and with encouragement from her friends made the decision to start  up a new club following the closure of one of our local clubs during 2006.  There was a lot of preparation to be done;  not only in getting equipment and booking the artists , but choosing a name.

Once it was decided to call the club 'Blue Roses', June and her dad (Ron) set about making tableclothes in white and pale blue,  and in each corner  embroidered  three blue roses (the club emblem). whilst Pauline set about making a blue roses flower arrangement for each table.  June and Pauline went on an A.P.A line dancing holiday  to Spain in October 2006 and found the ideal containers for the flower arrangements  - ice cream tubs!  In order to ensure they had enough containers  they made the artists on holiday with them - Magill and Gary Leonard - eat plenty of ice cream  for dessert !!!

After finishing all the tablecloths, Ron then set about making the club flag - and this can be seen in the photo gallery.

With everything in place Blue Roses opened on 20th January 2007, with Spur a duo from Taunton, providing the live entertainment.

Gary Leonard has since written a song especially for June and her club, Blue Roses (come on in y'all) you can hear it on this page,  the controls are at the bottom of this page to pause or stop the music.

The Club usually meets on the third Saturday of each month.


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